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Our goal is to have your visit at Molly's Tea Room to be both pleasurable and memorable. Whether you are coming in to relax with a nice cup of tea or enjoying a meal with us, we measure our success by the quality of your experience.

We strive to be a gathering place where our patrons can enjoy a warm, comfortable atmosphere, as well as superior food and beverages.  Molly's Tea Room is the perfect place to meet old friends and make new ones, or simply to relax and let the world go by.

How Old is Tea Drinking? Really? 

You'll often read that Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor who lived some 4,700 years ago, discovered that  tea leaves falling into boiling water made a refreshing drink.  Alas, the emperor - credited with numerous discoveries in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture - is likely a myth himself.  The earliest authenticated record of commercial cultivation of tea is found in 4th century Chinese documents. However, it's generally accepted that people in East Asia were brewing and drinking tea hundreds of years before.  In those early days, tea was drunk mostly for medicinal purposes.  Green tea leaves were formed into small cakes, roasted, and then pounded into small chunks.  Brewed tea must not have tasted very good because the drink was typically flavoured with ginger, onion, mint, and orange. Infusing tea leaves in a teapot became a widespread practice in China early during the Ming dynasty(1368-1644).  Thus "modern tea drinking" is probably less than seven hundred years old.

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