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Tea Selections  

Black Teas

High quality black tea with the caffeine removed, but with depth of flavor left intact

 Darjeeling Highlands
In the mist covered Himalayan highland lies the sacred tea town of Darjeeling. Blending Darjeeling teas from only the best gardens make for an extraordinary light, bright and mellow tea.
 English Breakfast
This tea has an ancient pedigree. Historians have traced its heritage back to the teas the English drank regularly in the 1880's. It is simply China Black
 Irish Breakfast
A blend of Assam teas makes for a strong cup of tea that is sure to kick start your day
 Organic Earl Grey
This round and rich afternoon tea is a blend of handpicked black teas from India, traditionally scented with essence of oil of Bergamot. *Also available decaffeinated*
 Queen Catherine's Blend
A chest of tea was part of the dowry which came with Catherine of Braganza from Portugal at the time of her marriage to King Charles of England. Thus, tea drinking was popularized throughout Europe through the British and onto the colonies. This select blend of Chinese black teas is named in her honor

 Flavored Black Teas

 Black Currant
The big fruity berry flavor of this tea has become a traditional favorite in fine restaurants all over America  

 Hot Cinnamon Spice
A most popular flavored tea and our personal favorite. This blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves gives a natural sweetness to this remarkably assertive tea.
A delicious blend of decaf black tea and lemon. A satisfying way to control your caffeine intake

This rich blend of black teas, currant, caramel & citrus is lovely in the springtime or anytime. A fruity tea with a hint of lemony Bergamot and Vanilla.
There will be a charge of .50 for each additional tea bag
 Peaches & Ginger
An exceptional addition to our flavored black teas. Full-leaf Ceylon, big chunks of peaches & ginger. A satisfying must.

 Green Teas

A satisfying green tea with lemon grass, coconut & ginger
 Chinese Flower
A satisfying blend of green teas and three types of flower, accented with a touch of citrus. A joy for the palate
 Dragon Pearl Jasmine
An exceptional Jasmine. Beautiful pearls of green & white. The floral tones are perfectly balanced in this tea
A basic green tea from China's Anhui province, Gunpowder is a good everyday green tea. The tea takes its name from the rolled balls that is leaden in color. Like spent gunpowder, it has a slightly smoky flavor

 Japanese Sencha
A clean green tea that is very approachable. It is by far the most popular tea in Japan
 Organic Green with Citrus and Ginkgo
Hand picked from Southern India, this green tea is not only refreshing with a bright taste of citrus, but also delivers the benefits associated with green tea and ginkgo
 Pomegranate Oolong
One of China's most famous teas, this Oolong comes from Anxi in the Fujian province and is infused with pomegranate. *This contains both green and black teas*

 Herbal Tisanes (Caffeine Free)

 African Autumn
The marriage of herbal Rooibos, Cranberry, and Orange
 Egyptian Chamomile
The hot sun of Egypt infuses this fantastic caffeine free Chamomile with a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, reminiscent of apple. Natural calming qualities. Great alone or with honey
 Organic Passion Plum with Ginseng
Long on taste with no caffeine, this herbal brew delivers delicious taste with added benefits of American Ginseng. Juicy and jitter free

 Organic Rooibos
Just north of Cape Town, South Africa, there lays a relatively untouched resource called Rooibos. This tea is low in tannin, contains natural sweeteners and is rich in minerals

Tea sold by the pot $4.95 


 Additional Beverages


 Iced Tea

 Pekoe or Raspberry
By the glass with free refills
 Iced Chai
By the glass.  Offered seasonally


 Regular or Decaffeinated
Free refills

 Hot Chocolate

 Gourmet Hot Chocolate with whipped cream
Treat yourself to a luxurious cup of creamy hot chocolate. A satisfying liquid dessert.  Free refills


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, A&W Root Beer, Sprite
Orange, Cranberry, Apple
Poland Springs bottled water
 Lemonade   Free refills
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